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Farewell, Vehicle Registration Stickers

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On Dec. 30, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) issued its final vehicle registration sticker. A new state law went into effect, eliminating the requirement of placing those little stickers on your license plate. So, why did this happen? When did it become law?

Here are a few things you should know about Act 89 and how it affects you.

A Little Over Three Years in the Making

Act 89 was passed in November of 2013. This act enacted the state’s Comprehensive Transportation Funding Plan, which was constructed to bring additional investment into the Pennsylvania transportation system. The plan was created to make a $2.3 billion dollar investment that would generate 50,000 new jobs and preserve 12,000 jobs.

Savings Through Elimination

The elimination of these registration stickers results in savings for drivers and taxpayers throughout the state. According to the PennDOT, this action will save $1.1 million a year and an addition $2 million in mailing costs. These savings will go to the Motor License Fund, which is used to invest in the state’s infrastructure by repairing roadways and maintaining roads and bridges. Pennsylvania is not the first state to eliminate registration stickers. New Jersey rid their vehicles of them in 2004 and Connecticut in 2010. The Canadian province of Quebec did so in 1992 and Manitoba in 2016.

A Matter of Convenience

In addition to these savings, the vehicle registration process became more modern and convenient. You can renew your registration online from your computer or mobile device. Instead of waiting for a registration card in the mail, you can print and sign a card at home.

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