Unemployment Compensation

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Benefits Attorney

Unemployment compensation attorney Keith J. Williams represents both employers and employees in unemployment compensation benefits disputes.

Experienced Bucks County PA UC attorney Keith J. Williams can help determine whether employees were terminated for cause, justifiable cause or without cause and will fight for the rights of parties on either side of the dispute.

For Employees

If you’ve lost your job and been denied unemployment compensation benefits, or believe that you should be eligible for more benefits, you have the right to appeal and obtain the full and fair benefits you are entitled to. Bucks County unemployment compensation attorney Keith J. Williams provides powerful representation at PA UC appeal hearings and will fight to have your unemployment benefits granted or reinstated. In addition, Mr. Williams will also help determine if you have a claim for wrongful discharge or discrimination based on age, race, gender, pregnancy, disability, national origin and religion.

PA UC for Employees

For Employers

If you are an employer that has terminated an employee whose benefits have been approved you also have the right to an PA UC appeal hearing. In Pennsylvania, it is an employer’s right to terminate an employee. But unless the termination is due to Willful Misconduct, the employee is eligible for Unemployment Compensation Benefits. Experienced in PA UC issues, unemployment compensation attorney Keith J. Williams will evaluate your claim to help determine if you have appropriately terminated an employee due to willful misconduct or if an employee voluntarily quit, as well as help you through the appeal process. In addition, he will advise you of the steps you can take to minimize similar claims in the future.

PA UC for Employers

For a Bucks County unemployment compensation attorney who will listen to your concerns and evaluate your claim, contact Keith J. Williams Law today!