What Act 10 A.K.A. “Libre’s Law” Means For Pet Owners

Act 10, which is also known as “Libre’s Law,” was signed by the Governor of Pennsylvania on June 28, and will begin to take effect this August 28. Under this new law, maiming or killing an animal will be considered a felony. Keith J. Williams is taking this opportunity to make animal owners and citizens everywhere aware of what this new legislation means for them. In addition, he would also like to let readers know that he is more than capable of defending anyone who is charged under the rules of Act 10.

Keith J. Williams Law does not condone any of the acts that fall under Act 10, but anyone accused is still entitled to a proper defense and is innocent until proven guilty. Whether you require an animal abuse lawyer or a drunk driving lawyer in Warminster, PA or any other nearby area, you can contact Keith J. Williams and his law firm. Continue below to find out what changes you may need to make in regards to caring for your animal.

This Pennsylvania statute expands the state law in order to protect animals such as fish, birds, and various other agricultural animals unless they are actually serving agricultural purposes. This means that animals are supposed to have shade available to them when they’re staying outside, but for herds of livestock that normally graze in an open field, it won’t apply.

One of the more detailed restrictions it imposes is in regards to tethering or confining dogs outside. As a dog owner, you cannot leave your dog tethered outside for more than nine hours. If the temperature is above 90 degrees or under 32 degrees, you cannot tether it outside for more than a half-hour. Your dog must also be able to access both water and a place of shade while tethered. The leash has to be at least ten feet long or three times the length of the dog. The dog’s collar must swivel so it can move its head and neck freely. If your dog is tethered in an area outside that has excessive waste, or is tethered by a tow or log chain or a choke, pinch, prong or chain collar, the owner is liable to be charged. If your dog has open sores or wounds, that is illegal as well.

Act 10 will also grant civil immunity to veterinarians, humane society officers, and veterinary technicians when dealing with frivolous lawsuits when reporting animal cruelty. If you are looking for an auto accident attorney or a DUI lawyer in Warminster, PA, contact Keith J. Williams Law as soon as possible. Call 855-703-1134, or continue to browse our website for more information about what we can do.

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