Dealing with Your DUI Responsibly: A Guideline

Whenever you drink and drive, you must be prepared for the consequences. A DUI is a criminal offense that police will rarely ignore. If you have ever been pulled over by an officer after a night of drinking, you know how intimidating and frightening of an experience it can be.

Be Calm and Cooperative

Despite how high the stakes may be, the more cooperative you are and the calmer you appear with police the better off you are. In a heightened state, especially at night, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by your situation. By following the directions of the officer and not overreacting to the situation, you can minimize the consequences

Outline the Procedures

The next day you should write down your thoughts and recollections of the incident. As you write down your thoughts, ensure that you record: the exact time of the incident, as well as the location. Recall the exchange between yourself and the officer as best you can. Note the reasons given by the police officer, as to why you were pulled over. You and Keith J. Williams, your DUI attorney, in Doylestown, PA or Warminster, PA, will appreciate having your best of the facts.

Be Digitally Savvy

Now that we exist in the digital era, there’s no shortage of prosecutors who will search your social media for material in the courtroom. Be savvy and curate what’s available and visible to the public—namely if it involves the consumption of alcohol. By minimizing incriminating photos or dubious statuses, you’ll maximize your privacy, while preserving your reputation.

Hire a Local Lawyer

All DUI cases require the expertise of a lawyer. By calling upon Keith J. Williams Law, you’ll ensure that you have the an attorney with the knowledge and expertise that you need to navigate your DUI charge. If you received a DUI, contact Keith J. Williams Law for a FREE, confidential consultation. Keith J. Williams will explain your DUI charge along with all of your legal options.

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