Juvenile Defense

When Your Child Needs Help

If your child is accused of a crime, whether it is a summary offense, misdemeanor, or felony you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney who will work aggressively to defend the charges.

Experienced juvenile defense attorney, Keith J. Williams understands that children and teenagers sometimes use bad judgment and make mistakes. That does not mean they should have to live with the consequences of a youthful mistake for the rest of their lives.

Aggressive Bucks County Juvenile Defense Attorney

While juvenile offenders don’t typically face the same penalties as adult offenders that doesn’t mean the consequences won’t be serious. If your child is in trouble, it is critical that you consult with an aggressive juvenile defense attorney immediately. Keith J. Williams will protect your child’s rights and fight to minimize penalties and consequences as much as possible. Most of all, Keith J. Williams has significant experience defending underage clients facing a wide variety of charges and as a result, has in-depth knowledge of the juvenile court system.

As a father himself, Keith J. Williams understands your number one concern is for the welfare, safety and happiness of your child. He will help you understand all legal options, represent your child at hearings, and work to minimize the immediate and long-term impact on your child. Furthermore, he will treat your child with respect and compassion and ensure your child’s rights are upheld from the beginning to end.

Summary, Misdemeanor & Felony Defense for Your Child

Experienced juvenile defense attorney Keith J. Williams provides legal advice, counseling and representation to underage clients who are facing summary, misdemeanor or felony charges. He is familiar with all of your child’s options including:

  • Youth Aid Panel
  • CAP Program
  • Informal Adjustments
  • Consent Decrees
  • Adjudication Hearings
  • Disposition Hearings
  • Truancy Matters

Juvenile DUI / Underage Drinking

If your child has been arrested for Juvenile DUI or Underage Drinking in Bucks County or Montgomery County, you need an experienced Juvenile DUI Defense attorney who will work aggressively to defend the charges.

With the right Bucks County juvenile defense, your child can look toward a brighter future. Contact Keith J. Williams Law today!