What To Know About New Senate Bill 290 A.K.A. “Ignition Interlock Law”

Keith J. Williams, Esq., a Warminster, PA criminal defense attorney, wants to inform citizens across Pennsylvania about a new bill.

On Friday, August 25, 2017, a new historic bill was put into effect. Sponsored by Senator John Rafferty, R-Montgomery County, Senate Bill 290 allows those charged with driving under the influence for the first time to prevent them from having their driver’s licenses suspended for one year. Instead, this Ignition Interlock Law lets offenders keep their licenses while paying to have an ignition interlock system installed in their vehicles.

The goal of this new bill is to decrease the amount of crashes and save lives. Last year, Pennsylvania saw 345 drunk-driving fatalities. States with similar legislation have seen a decrease in drunk-driving related deaths already.

With a suspended license, it is quite difficult for offenders to maintain their livelihood and perform their responsibilities. Without a driver’s license, you can’t legally drive anywhere


How will I get to work?

How am I going to get to my job interview?

How will I pick up my kids from school?

Who is going to check on my grandparents?

For people in most places, the simple answer is I’ll drive.


But when it’s illegal, it’s not that easy. Oftentimes, this form of punishment leads to repeat offenders because people can’t afford being unable to drive so they break the law and do it anyway. With this new system in place, drivers will still be able to support themselves and their families while making sure they don’t drink and drive. In all, the ignition interlock system will set a person back about $1,000, but for most, the cost of not having the ability to drive is worse.


How it works:

You blow into the system in order to start the car. If you have been drinking, or if someone other than yourself blows into it, the car won’t start for five minutes. If you fail to pass again, it will lock for another thirty minutes.

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